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Since 2014, HPRCC, along with several partners, has worked with the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes of the Wind River Indian Reservation in western Wyoming. The reservation is located in an arid, mountainous region that is prone to water resource issues. Through input from numerous workshops, webinars, and calls with tribal representatives, the HPRCC created a series of quarterly climate summaries to help the tribes make better informed on-reservation water management decisions. This Decision Dashboard is complementary to the summaries, allowing for more real-time monitoring of climate and drought conditions.

Current Conditions Outlooks Historical Climate Climate Summaries

Current Conditions - Temperature and Precipitation

14-Day Temp Departure
30-Day Temp Departure
60-Day Temp Departure
Last 3-Month Temp Departure
14-Day % of Normal Precip
30-Day % of Normal Precip
60-Day % of Normal Precip
Last 3-Month % of Normal Precip

Current Conditions - Snowpack and Streamflow

Wyoming Monday Morning Snow Report
Wyoming 28-Day Average Streamflow Compared to Historical Streamflow on this Day

Current Conditions - Drought

Wind River Area

Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI)

1 Month
3 Month
6 Month

NDLAS Soil Moisture

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Outlooks - Temperature, Precipitation, and Drought

3-Month Temperature Outlook
3-Month Precipitation Outlook
Seasonal Drought Outlook

Outlooks - Significant Wildland Fire


Outlooks - Flooding

Minor Flooding
Moderate Flooding
Major Flooding

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Historical Climate

30-Year Normals
50-Year Climate Atlas
30-Year County Averages
(Temperature and Precipitation)
Station Data Access via CLIMOD

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Climate Summaries


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Wind River Archive

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