AgroClimate Tools

The High Plains Regional Climate Center provides several tools specifically for the agricultural community. Many of these tools were created through the Useful2Usable project.

AgClimate View

Access customized historical climate and crop yield data for the U.S. Corn Belt. View graphs of monthly temperature and precipitation, plot corn and soybean yield trends, and compare climate and yields over the past 30 years.


View GDD accumulations anywhere in the U.S. for several different crop types, and estimate maturity points based on GDD values.

Climate Patterns Viewer

Discover how global climate patterns like the El NiƱo Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Arctic Oscillation (AO) have historically affected local climate conditions and crop yields across the U.S. Corn Belt.

Corn Belt Climate Trends

Learn about recent temperature and precipitation trends across the Corn Belt of the U.S. with this new tool. You can visualize the trends for the region with maps or look at data from individual stations.

Corn GDD

Track real-time and historical GDD accumulations, assess spring and fall frost risk, and guide decisions related to planting, harvest, and seed selection.

Corn Split N

Determine the feasibility and profitability of using post-planting nitrogen application for corn production.

Irrigation Investment

Explore the potential profitability of installing irrigation equipment at user-selected locations across the Corn Belt.

Partner Tools

The High Plains Regional Climate Center has also been a partner on several other projects that may be helpful for producers.

UNL Soywater

A web-based irrigation tool for Soybean producers

UNL Cornsoywater

A web-based irrigation tool for Corn and Soybean producers

AgriTools App

Easy access to location-specific climate and weather information important to the agricultural industry in Nebraska.

Vegetation Drought Response Index

The Vegetation Drought Response Index, or VegDRI, is a weekly depiction of vegetation stress across the contiguous United States.

Quick Drought Response Index

The Quick Drought Response Index (QuickDRI) was developed to complement the Vegetation Drought Response Index (VegDRI). QuickDRI was designed to detect the effects of drought at time intervals of a month or less.

Drought Risk Atlas

The National Drought Mitigation Center Drought Atlas project is intended to provide a wide range of decision makers with historical drought information and a web-based tool to visualize and assess their risk to drought.