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A new way to view climate data...

The High Plains Regional Climate Center is now offering shapefile versions of its ACIS map products! There are three access methods available at the top of this page:

Which method should you use? If you are a heavy GIS user and need the most recent data, give the GeoServer a try. The GeoServer is a great introduction to a cloud-based workflow for updating data. If you need to save a copy of one of our updating products for research or analysis in the future, use the Direct Downloads option. Only our Last 1 Month, Last 3 month, and Last 12 month products are archived. Our archive only includes shapefiles that have been generated since the existence of this portal. As always, feel free to use our 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page if you have questions, suggestions, or experience problems.

Be sure to check out our tutorials for help on using our shapefiles and getting neat tips and tricks on using our products!

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