Rosebud Sioux Tribe Decision Dashboard

Since 2016, HPRCC, along with several partners, has worked with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in south-central South Dakota through a partnership with the Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance. Through the Bureau of Indian Affairs-funded projects, the HPRCC provided climate information training to tribal environmental professionals and co-produced a series of quarterly climate summaries to help them make better informed on-reservation water management decisions. This Decision Dashboard is a supplement to the summaries, allowing for more real-time monitoring of climate and drought conditions.

Current Conditions Outlooks Historical Climate Climate Summaries

Current Conditions - Temperature and Precipitation

14-Day Temp Departure
30-Day Temp Departure
60-Day Temp Departure
Last 3-Month Temp Departure
14-Day % of Normal Precip
30-Day % of Normal Precip
60-Day % of Normal Precip
Last 3-Month % of Normal Precip

Current Conditions - Soil Moisture and Streamflow

NLDAS Soil Moisture
South Dakota 28-Day Average Streamflow Compared to Historical Streamflow on this Day

Daily Soil Summary

Current Conditions - Drought and Vegetation

U.S. Drought Monitor
Vegetation Drought Response Index (VegDRI)

Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI)

1 Month
3 Month
6 Month

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Outlooks - Temperature, Precipitation, and Drought

3-Month Temperature Outlook
3-Month Precipitation Outlook
Seasonal Drought Outlook

Outlooks - Significant Wildland Fire


Outlooks - Flooding

Minor Flooding
Moderate Flooding
Major Flooding

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Historical Climate

30-Year Normals
50-Year Climate Atlas
30-Year County Averages
(Temperature and Precipitation)
Station Data Access via scACIS

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Climate Summaries

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Climate and Drought Summaries

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