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Station Report allows users to generate reports from station data available through the Applied Climate Information System. Reports may be printed by clicking the "Print Report" button in the left menu.

Any Station ID valid in the ACIS system is accepted. Click 'find a station' to be redirected to the Station Tool, where you may conduct a more detailed search for a station you are looking for. Station information in the Station Tool will offer a redirect link back to Station Report through a link called "Generate Reports" inside of the information bubble on the map. You may also record the station ID, and manually enter it in this tool.

The information in any report generated is preliminary in nature, and subject to change as specified in the disclaimer for this website.

About the Producer Report

The Producer Report uses GDD temperature limits for various crops to generate a daily GDD growth report from daily maximum and minimum temperature data. Crop phenology estimations are found from the calculated GDD values, and coefficients for evapotransporation calculations (Penman) are found from lookup tables.

The information calculated in the report is an estimate for growth at the weather station specified. This means that variations will be present due to distance to the growing area from the station, and inherent errors in the estimation techniques.