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Spatial Climate Analysis

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Spatial Climate Analysis provides an easy way to view HPRCC's products on a web map.

Users can view any variables available in the popular ACIS Maps suite as a colored contour map, a contour map with overlaid station points, or simply as a map of colored dots.

In the Colored Station Points mode, clicking on any station will open the station in the Station Data Explorer.

Enabling the Grid Point Inspector allows the user to analyze climate information for any location in the contiguous U.S. Simply click a location of interest, and the Grid Point Inspector will be opened. The Grid Point Inspector provides linkable analyses in the same manner as the Station Data Explorer.

Information About Spatial Climate Analysis...

How stations are omitted from the maps
Regular users will notice that stations sometimes disappear on different timescales, or on different days. There are a few reasons for missing stations in our ACIS products: