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HPRCC staff are committed to providing climate services to a wide range of people. We are involved in many different types of outreach primarily by assisting the public in locating and accessing climate data and information and by also providing educational outreach to increase the awareness of climate and weather events. Our outreach activities could range from something as simple as directing someone to the most appropriate data for a court case, creating hands-on activities for school students, or conducting technical training to professionals. Because HPRCC staff participate in outreach activities ranging from classroom visits to community activities to technical training sessions, you may have seen us at any of the following events around the Region:

  • Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium
  • NaturePalooza
  • HuskerHarvest Days
  • Lincoln Earth Day
  • Girl Scouts Weather Badge Workshop
  • UNL Weather Camp
Natalie Umphlett demonstrates a weather station to participants of the Saline County, Nebraska Regional Severe Weather Seminar. (Photo courtesy of BJ Baule)
Crystal Stiles explains a graph of weather data to a child at the Omaha Nation Public Schools Science Night in Macy, Nebraska. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Umphlett)

If you would like us to make a classroom visit or participate in your outreach event, please contact us here.

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Resources for Educators

Are you an educator in need of climate data? Perhaps you are teaching a weather and climate unit this quarter and would like a guest speaker? Or, do you have a student who needs climate data for a science fair project? If so, the HPRCC may be able to help! Here are some sample activities we could bring to your classroom:

  • Portable Weather Station
  • HPRCC staff can bring a fully functioning portable weather station to your school or event. Data from the instrumentation are displayed on a monitor in real-time. Students can test the different instruments and watch the data change before their eyes!

  • Kestrel Hand-held instruments
  • HPRCC staff can bring activities which utilize hand-held weather instruments called Kestrels. Students can learn about the different measurements as well as get a sense of the microclimate of the area around them.

  • Build a Weather Instrument: A Hands-on Guide!
  • Learn how to build your very own weather instruments from every day, household objects! Choose from an anemometer, barometer, rain gauge, and wind vane.

  • Ecosystem Jenga
  • Students can learn about ecosystem interactions through this hands-on, inquiry-based activity which uses a modified version of the popular game Jenga.

  • General Climate and Weather Education
  • We have a number of activities and ideas which are not listed. We would be happy to discuss your specific classroom needs with you! Contact us here.

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    Additional Resources

    Disclaimer on the Use of Data and Products from the HPRCC

    Climate products and tools are developed by the HPRCC and its partner Regional Climate Centers to provide users with a means to routinely access recent weather and climate data. While applied research has demonstrated that the use of such data in decision making can reduce risk and lower a user's cost, it must be pointed out that near-real-time data are preliminary in nature and sometimes contain errors. Although care is taken to remove known errors, it is possible that some data will change after receipt of written records and final quality control steps. Users are therefore forewarned to consider any negative impact that errant data might have on their business and use preliminary data and information at their own risk.

    The HPRCC is not responsible for the misuse or abuse of data provided through our services, both online and full-service.

    Through use of the data services through the HPRCC website, you automatically agree to the terms of use and disclaimer.