Project Team

From left to right:
Martha Shulski, Nebraska State Climate Office, School of Natural Resources
Zhenghong Tang, Community and Regional Planning, College of Architecture
Frank Uhlarik, City of Lincoln
Tarik Abdel-Monem, University of Nebraska Public Policy Center
Natalie Umphlett, High Plains Regional Climate Center, School of Natural Resources

Contact Information

Martha Shulski, PhD
Director, Nebraska State Climate Office and Associate Professor
Project Team Lead
School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Tarik Abdel-Monem
Research Specialist, Project Team Member
University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Zhenghong Tang, PhD
Associate Professor, Project Team Member
Community and Regional Planning Program, College of Architecture
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Frank Uhlarik
Sustainability and Compliance Administrator, Project Team Member
City of Lincoln, Nebraska

Natalie Umphlett
Regional Climatologist, Project Team Member
High Plains Regional Climate Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln