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  • 2023 Annual Climate Summary

    2023 Annual Climate Summary

    Rain approaching Glacier National Park in Montana. Photo courtesy of Gannon Rush. Regional Breakdown Climate-wise, 2023 was the opposite of 2022, which was marked by dryness and extreme drought. This year brought ample to plentiful precipitation to much of the region, which greatly improved drought conditions. While the precipitation was beneficial to mitigate drought conditions,…

  • 2021 Annual Climate Summary

    2021 Annual Climate Summary

    Sunset in Lincoln, NE. Photo courtesy Heleena Pettee, High Plains Regional Climate Center. A Year of Extremes 2021 was a year of extremes in the High Plains. January began the year with above normal temperatures across the region. Monthly temperature departures were as high as 15.0 degrees F (8.3 degrees C) above normal. This warmth…