May 13-19, 2024 Summary


The week featured near- or above-normal temperatures for most of the High Plains (Figure 1). The warmest places being the southwestern border of North and South Dakota, part of central Nebraska, and the southeastern corner of Wyoming being 6°F to 8°F above normal and some spots 8°F to 10°F above normal. Small parts of central Colorado and a spot of southcentral Kansas were below-normal temperatures of 2°F, and the southeastern corner of Colorado were below-normal temperatures of 2°F to 8°F. 

Maximum temperatures were 6°F to 11°F above normal for the week in western North Dakota, much of South Dakota, northern Nebraska, and parts of Wyoming. The warmest temperatures were found near Medicine Lodge, Kansas and the Lamar Municipal Airport station in Colorado this week, and Medicine Lodge’s temperature was 6°F above normal and the airport was 8°F. Central and the southeastern corner of Colorado along with a spot of southcentral Kansas were 2°F to 8°F below-normal temperatures (Figure 2). 

Minimum temperatures reached 11°F above-normal in the southeastern corner of Wyoming, and a spot in central Nebraska was 6°F to 8°F above-normal. The coldest temperature recorded was 26°F from Wyoming’s Darwin Ranch station. Small spots across the region were 0°F to 4°F below-normal with the southeastern corner of Colorado reaching 4°F to 6°F below-normal (Figure 3). 


Precipitation amounts varied during the week, ranging from 5% of normal in spots in southwestern Wyoming, southwestern Kansas, northcentral Nebraska, and parts of South Dakota and Colorado to 300% of normal in northern Wyoming and spots in southern Nebraska and Kansas (Figure 4). Culbertson, Nebraska received 3.79 inches of rain this week, well above their normal of 0.68 inches; most of it fell during the storm on the 19th. Drought continues in the region. D0 (abnormally dry) across the region was down from 41% to 39% (Figure 5). 

Severe Weather 

Logan, Colorado, and several locations in Nebraska received hail 1.75 inches in diameter from the storm on the 19th. Also on the 19th, parts of Kansas received hail varying from 1 to 3 inches in diameter, with Ellis reporting 3-inch hail. The Salina Airport in Kansas reported 100 mph winds from the storm while other locations reported 60 to 80 mph winds.